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Creating inspirational products is a dream come true, and my wish is that they inspire and motivate you to make your dreams come true too!

Well, it all started back in Kindergarten when I dreamed of being a Disney Animator. I loved to draw and I always loved Disney movies, the characters, and the fairytale Happily Ever After!

Growing up, I would surround myself with the “magic” of Disney and loved to live by the motto: “May All Your Dreams Come True”. My family would vacation to Disney every year and I even had the nickname “Tinky” for Tinkerbell.

I’m a big dreamer and when I learned that you can get married at the Wedding Pavilion at Walt Disney World, I knew in my heart that one day I would get married there. All I needed was my Prince, so in 2006 I went on ABC’s Reality Show, The Bachelor. It was an amazing experience and even though I didn’t meet my prince on the show, I did meet my Prince after the show, thanks to a Bachelor Fan setting us up!

This was my fairytale coming to life! So, in 2009 I had the honor of planning my Disney Fairytale Dream Wedding and I wore a Cinderella Wedding Dress and rode in Cinderella’s coach to the Wedding Chapel. It was Magical!!!!!!!!

Then, in 2010 my Husband and I were asked to model a new line of Wedding Dresses for Disney’s Fairytale Weddings and be in their National Ad Campaign! I got to be a real Cinderella Bride and be featured in Bridal magazines all over the country! It was another dream come true!!!!!!!

About this time, I created and started using a dream board (a cork board that you pin all your goals, dreams, wishes, quotes, etc…) because I wanted to keep making new dreams and keep making them come true! Well, having a family was a HUGE dream of mine and in 2013 and 2014 I was so thankful and blessed to have two beautiful children.

And now it was finally time to create those magical characters that I always dreamed of making as a little girl! That is how HAPPY HAPPY EVERYTHING was formed. I wanted to make happy products that make people smile. I wanted my products to be encouraging, uplifting, motivating, and bring happiness and joy to your life! So, I decided to use my imagination and creativity to turn my characters into Pens and Pencils!

You see, we use pens everyday…. To take notes, journal, write bills, schedules, contracts, receipts, office work, school work, homework, etc… So why not have a HAPPY HAPPY Pen to brighten your day? We all need little things to bring us happiness, to give us hope, to encourage us to make it a great day…. And I believe a Happy Happy Pen can do that! Each pen or pencil is designed with love and it’s purpose is to make you happy! I’m super proud to say that my pens/pencils are Patent Pending.

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